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Priokskaya is a strong supporter of finding good homes for children in Russian orphanages.  Both Ken & Tanya work in a number of Russian orphanages each year.  We provide support to these orphanages along with several summer camps, a children's rehabilitation center, and a boarding school in the Kaluga region of Russia.

In fact, a portion of the net profits from Priokskaya's business operations will be donated to Orphan Cry  a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide support to Russian Orphan Children and the facilities they live in.  We encourage you to check out the Orphan Cry website - and if so inclined, to assist with the organizations efforts. 




The Orphan Cry website:   www.Orphan 

Many adoption agencies require prospective parents to hire their own interpreters when coming to Russia (an adoption usually requires two visits to Russia) to work through the adoption process.  We would be honored to have consider using our service - we have special reduced rates for adoption purposes, and we share your concern for the welfare of the orphan children.   We would also ask for your help in referring our firm to the adoption agency that you work with.  We can be contacted by toll free telephone, this website, or via e-mail.  Please click the "Contact Us" link for specific contact information.

Thank you for your consideration!

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