Installation Instructions -Version 1.6.2

  • Quick Start for Power User
  • Quiet Start for Power Beginner
  • Printing through TCP/IP and Internet with System 9
  • Using the System 9 Multi-users feature
  • How to break the File Sharing 10 users maximum limits
  • Warnings

Quick Start

Be sure you use the right drivers from Epson according to the compatibility table and the same drivers for all Macs on your Network.

Run "EpsonShare Installer" on the Macintosh you intend to be the server for the Epson printer. This Macintosh must be the Mac physically connected to your printer. The installer will place the folders and files needed onto your hard drive.

Within the folder created on your startup disk: the "EpsonShareServer" application for the server and the "EpsonShareClient" application for clients.

Copy an "EpsonShareClient" application to each client computer.

On your server (the computer where the printer is really connected), just run "EpsonShareServer". It will create a special folder and, in the "Settings" menu, allow you to control sharing of this indicated folder or the disk where this indicated folder resides.

The sharing for this folder must be enabled with "read and write privileges" for the EpsonShareClients to be able to send to the folder. You also have to set client's privileges in the "Users & Groups" Control Panel.

Verify your choice of an Epson driver in the Apple's menu Chooser with the correct port, where your Epson is actually connected, and with "background printing" ON.

On the client computer, open the chooser in the Apple's menu Chooser, and just click the icon of your Epson printer (printer/modem/usb or none port is unimportant).

Mount the folder you shared on the Mac server (or the disk where this folder resides) on the desktop (From the files servers list in the AppleTalk part of the Chooser).

Run EpsonShareClient and verify in the file menu "Current Print server" that EpsonShareClient recognizes the correct shared folder on the server.

You are ready to print a document from any application.

To automatically run your EpsonShareClients at System startup time, use the EpsonShareClient Preference menu.

To automatically run EpsonShareServer at System startup time, use the EpsonShareServer Settings menu.

To automatically bring in the background your EpsonShareClients at System startup time, use the EpsonShareClient Preference menu.

To automatically bring in the background EpsonShareServer at System startup time, use the EpsonShareServer Settings menu.

To prevent accidental Quit, Command-Q is adjustable on the fly in the EpsonShareClient Preference menu and EpsonShareServer Settings menu.

Quiet Start

The same as Quick Start but read your Apple documentation to learn how to share a folder and adjust its privileges before installing EpsonShare. Then, if you're totally confused, e-mail me, as I'm a NiceBoy I take my tools and I'm coming! For free. Even before your registration. All over the world, 24/7, the dream plumber!

Printing through TCP/IP and Internet with System 9

Install EpsonShareServer on the Mac where the printer is actually connected exactly as above but just check "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP" in the File Sharing control panel of this Mac server. Proceed the same as above to share the indicated folder. Install a EpsonShareClient on any Mac on your local TCP/IP network or anywhere on a remote Mac on the internet network. On the client computer, in the AppleShare part of Chooser, the only difference is that you have to know the IP address of the server and mount the shared folder with the "Server IP Adress" button instead of selecting a server in the File server list. The version of Epson drivers has to be the same on the server as on all remote Macs. Yepeeee.

Using the System 9 Multi-users feature.

For the moment - December 1999 - the Epson drivers are not yet Multi-users System 9 compliant, so you can normally print only if the current user is the Mac Owner itself or a "Normal" user. "Limited" and "Panels" users simply can't print. Both EpsonShare server and clients work in the same way: Owner or Normal users yes, Limited or Panels no.

How to break the File Sharing 10 users maximum limits.

The MacOS Personal file sharing has a limit of only 10 users connected at the same time on the same Mac server, even with the new System 9 under TCP/IP. So, to allow more than 10 Mac clients to print to the same printer, you have to use a second Mac as a relay by running both a second EpsonShare server and an EpsonShare client on it:

Your Espon is connected to Mac_A, running an EpsonShareServer, its shared folder is stylus@Mac_A. Your 2nd EpsonShareServer is on Mac_B, its shared folder is stylus@Mac_B. On this same Mac_B you mount the stylus@Mac_A shared folder and you run an EpsonShareClient. Now, 9 normal clients can mount the stylus@Mac_A shared folder, another 10 clients can mount the stylus@Mac_B shared folder and everybody can print on the same poor Epson printer and siphon its ink cartriges. More clients for the same poor printer? Just more Mac relay! Yeaaaah


If you change the "Spool Folder5" name or location, restart EpsonShareServer (you can change its location in a Page Setup dialog).

Leave the "Epson Spool folder5" on your startup disk. Since the EpsonShare shared folder is on the startup disk, if you change its location to another disk, printing will take a lot longer because Spool files are copied instead of simply moved.

On Macs clients without a printer, in the Apple Menu "Chooser", just select your printer. If you can't choose a port (printer/modem/usb), if any port appears or if you can't check "Background printing", it doesn't matter: EpsonShare will do this for you.

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