Question & Answer - Troubleshooting -Version 1.6.2

  • Epson Drivers, Epson Installer, Custom Install
  • Trial version limitation
  • No port available
  • PC Compatibility
  • EpsonShare slows down your computer
  • Color calibration
  • Folder shared twice
  • Automatic functionning, Startup Folder
  • Registration, future EpsonShare versions
  • MacOS System 7, 8 and 9 Compatibility
  • Printing through TCP/IP and Internet with System 9
  • Using the System 9 Multi-users feature
  • How to break the File Sharing 10 users maximum limits
  • System 7 Notes.

Epson Drivers, Epson Installer, Custom Install

The latest Epson drivers will support ALL Macintoshes, including those with USB, printer, modem, or printer/modem ports. Although the Epson support site does not explicitly state that the new USB or iMac drivers (for iMac/Blue & White G3) will work on machines with printer or modem ports, support for these ports IS included. After the installation of these new drivers, you will have the ability to choose the port you wish to use in the Apple Menu Chooser: printer, modem, printer/modem or USB.

In some case, the Epson installer fails to replace its old files, so trash all old Epson files before a new installation:
- "System Folder:extensions:Epson Folder"
- "System Folder:extensions:EpsonMonitor3"
- "System Folder:extensions:Epson Launcher"
- "System Folder:Preferences: Epson Preferences"
- and your Printer Chooser Extensions (SC 850 or SC 600 or SC 740,...) in "System Folder:extensions:"

Drivers Version
The versions number from Epson are a bit strange. Be sure you have a Printer Chooser Extensions v5.54x or later and an Epson Monitor3 application v.1.25x or 1.23x of all Macs (both in the "System folder:Extensions" folder).

In Epson installer, choose "Custom Install" and only "Serial Driver Package", "Network Driver Package" and "Epson Namer" are not necessary and ColorSync 2.0 is out-of-date.

Trial version limitation

Trial version is fully functional for two days. Afterwards you have to re-launch EpsonShare server every 30 minutes or register the software.

Even if the trial period for a previous version has ended, from the version 1.5, you can try any new release.

No port available

When I am running EpsonShare Client from my iMac and I select my Epson printer in the chooser, no port is available to be selected. Is this normal?

Yes, EpsonShare selects the port for you. You just have to click an epson printer icon, the port is unimportant.

PC Compatibility

Sorry but EpsonShare only runs on Macintosh. I can't write PC software because I don't know how and I don't want to know how, I use a computer, not a machine to manufacture bombs.

EpsonShare slows down your computer

Does EpsonShare slow down the server while waiting for jobs from the client?

Just a little bit, the server only watches to see if something is in the shared folder during idle time. With a PowerPC, the slowing down is negligible.

Color calibration

EpsonShare just forces the client to spool its files, moves these files from the client to the server and changes the printer port and the printing queue status. EpsonShare doesn't interact with colorsync or photoEnhance, the files are spooled as if a real printer was connected on the client.

Folder shared twice

All my partitions are declared as shared volumes, now I should share the indicated folder, but it is located on an even shared partition. So it cannot be shared again - what do I do ?

On the server, run EpsonShareServer application and don't move the folder created on the startup disk. On the client, in the normal fashion, mount this disk where the shared folder is, run an EpsonShare client application, verify in the "Current server" menu that your shared folder is the folder created by "EpsonsShareServer" and print from any application..

Automatic functionning, Startup Folder

To automatically run your EpsonShareClients when you boot your Mac Clients, use the EpsonShareClient Preference menu.

To automatically run EpsonShareServer when you boot your Mac Server, use the EpsonShareServer Settings menu.

Registration, future EpsonShare versions

All future EpsonShare versions will be free of charge for registered users.

MacOS System 7, 8 and 9 Compatibility

EpsonShare 1.5 is compatible with all International Systems, roman or not (Japanese, Chinese, etc) and with System 7, 8 and 9 (see below System 7 Notes).

EpsonShare 1.3 and 1.4 are compatible with all International Systems, roman or not (Japanese, Chinese, etc) from System 8 to 9.

EpsonShare 1.2 is compatible with all International Systems, roman or not (Japanese, Chinese, etc) from System 8 to 8.6.

Previous versions from 1.0 to 1.1.1 are also compatible with all International Systems but only from System 8.1 to 8.6.

Printing through TCP/IP and Internet with System 9

Install EpsonShareServer on the Mac where the printer is actually connected. Proceed the same as usal to share the indicated folder but just check "Enable File Sharing clients to connect over TCP/IP" in the File Sharing control panel of this Mac server. Install an EpsonShareClient on any Mac on your local TCP/IP network or anywhere on a remote Mac on the internet network. On this client computer, in the AppleShare part of Chooser, the only difference is that you have to know the IP address of server and mount the shared folder with the "Server IP Adress" button instead of selecting a server in the File server list. The version of Epson drivers has to be the same on the server as on all remote Macs. Yepeeee.

Using the System 9 Multi-users feature.

For the moment - December 1999 - the Epson drivers are not yet System 9 compliant, so you can normally print only if the current user is the Mac Owner itself or a "Normal" user. "Limited" and "Panels" users simply can't print. Both EpsonShare server and clients work in the same way: Owner or Normal users yes, Limited or Panels no.

How to break the File Sharing 10 users maximum limits.

The MacOS Personal file sharing has a limit of only 10 users connected at the same time on the same Mac server, even with the new System 9. So, to allow more than 10 Mac clients to print to the same printer, you have to use a second Mac as relay by running both a second EpsonShare server and an EpsonShare client on it:

Your Espon is connected to Mac_A, running an EpsonShareServer, its shared folder is stylus@Mac_A. Your 2nd EpsonShareServer is on Mac_B, its shared folder is stylus@Mac_B. On this same Mac_B you mount the stylus@Mac_A shared folder and you run an EpsonShareClient. Now, 9 normal clients can mount the stylus@Mac_A shared folder, another 10 clients can mount the stylus@Mac_B shared folder and everybody can print on the same poor Epson printer and siphon its ink cartriges. More clients for the same poor printer? Just more Mac relay! Yeaaaah

System 7 Notes .

With version 1.5, EpsonShare is System 7 compatible and will run on a 68000 Macintosh; however, some of the latest Epson drivers require at least System 8 and/or a Power PC to be installed. Unfortunately, the previous System 7 compliant drivers are no longer available from the Epson web site. Therefore, you will have to re-install these drivers from your Epson Installation CD.

The current 440, 600, 640, 700, 800, 850 and EX versions on the Epson web site are System 7 compatible, but the self-extracting archive ".SEA" containing the installation package is not. Therefore, you will have to extend it on a Mac under System 8 or 9 then to copy the extended package on the Mac running under System 7.

Be sure you have a Printer Chooser Extensions v5.5x or later and an Epson Monitor3 application v.1.23x or v.1.25x or later in the "System folder:Extensions" folder of all Macs.

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