Share your Epson printers without hardware!

Introduction -Version 1.6.2

EpsonShare allows you to share an Epson Stylus Color printer between several Macintoshes, without an additional network adapter card.

EpsonShare works with an EpsonShare server and an unlimited number of EpsonShare clients, on ANY network: Ethernet, LocalTalk, Modem, infrared, AirPort through AppleShare or TCP/IP including Remote Access and Internet.

EpsonShare functions on a network comprised of any combination of Macintosh - 68k, PowerMac, PowerBook, iMac, iMac DV, iBook, White & Blue G3, Gloomy Grey G4 - any combination of Systems 7, 8 or 9 and using printer, modem, modem/printer or USB port.

Any Mac on the network can be used as the server.

EpsonShare is compatible with Epson Inkjet printers 3000, 1520, 1200, 1160, 900, 860, 850, 800, 760, 750, 740, 700, 660, 640, 600, 440, EX and Stylus Scan 2000, 2500 and 2500 Pro provided you use the right Epson driver, see Compatibility Table.

The System Requirements page of this website contains a compatibility table for the various Epson printers that can (or cannot) be used with EpsonShare. The Educational Site License page contains special pricing for educational institutions. Once a license is obtained, you will be entitled to free upgrades to newer versions of EpsonShare that are released from time to time. Bookmark this site to watch for new releases.

Thank you for your interest in EpsonShare!

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