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EpsonShare allows you to share an Epson Stylus color printer between several Macintoshes, without an additional network adapter card or any other hardware. EpsonShare can help you get the most out of your technology dollars by multiplying the benefit gained from each of your Epson printers.

EpsonShare works with an EpsonShare server and with a unlimited number of EpsonShare clients, on any network: Ethernet, LocalTalk, Modem, infrared, AirPort through AppleShare or TCP/IP including Remote Access and Internet.

EpsonShare is extremely versatile and functions on a network comprised of any combination of Mac models.  EpsonShare works with any combination of Systems 7, 8 or 9 utilizing  printer, modem, modem/printer or USB ports.

Any Mac on the network can be used as the server.

Additional EpsonShare Information

A web based budget development program that be easily deployed over the Internet, Internet, or district local network.

Budget-Pro is a comprehensive school budget development system designed specifically for the New York State Uniform System of Accounts. Budget-Pro features user friendly buttons and icons and provides for a totally paper-less budget development data collection process. With Budget-Pro, budget requests can be completed electronically on an extremely user friendly interface and transmitted to a central location. Users will enjoy auto-entry features such as automatic assignment of budget codes, automatic classification into the three part budget categories, automatic calculation of item totals, automatic calculation of shipping & handling charges when applicable, and automatic grouping into budget program areas.

Budget-Pro includes a number of high quality laser output reports to make your budget development and management activities less burdensome. Budget-Pro also produces purchase order attachments in a variety of options.

Budget-Pro was developed by practicing school officials specifically for school budget development. Budget-Pro will help you to SAVE TIME & IMPROVE ACCURACY! Budget-Pro can also be integrated with Bid-Pro for additional efficiencies.

A competitive bidding  development and management system designed specifically for cooperative bidding in a large scale organization. Designed to the specifications of the Delaware-Chenango Board of Cooperative Educational Services, Bid-Pro cuts the difficult task of developing and managing multiple large scale bids with point & click simplicity.

Features include user friendly buttons and icons, auto-entry, powerful sorting and query capabilities, laser quality reports, and more. Our trademarked "Conversion Wizard" and "Award Wizard" help you SAVE TIME & IMPROVE ACCURACY by automating the conversion of alternate quantities and units of measure to bid specifications and reducing the awarding of large scale bids to a button click.

An order expediting software solution that is intended to be used in conjunction with our Bid-Pro application to streamline the preparing of routine orders for the procurement of goods and/or services after bids are awarded..

Order Xpress will enable you to quickly and easily prepare orders by simply selecting desired bid items and entering quantities.  Order Xpress will then automatically categorize the desired items by successful vendor, total the orders, and allow you to print high quality order forms to be presented to your suppliers.

Order Xpress can significantly reduce the time you spend on this routine Activity.

Coach Tracker is a database solution specifically designed to assist in the management, administration, and compliance of Coaching Certification and licensing requirements of New York State public school districts.

Coach Tracker  has been designed to make this otherwise arduous task quick and easy by employing user friendly features such as navigational buttons, pop-up-lists, auto-entry fields, and pre-defined sort and find routines.

In addition to the on screen features, Coach Tracker will enable you to print attractive laser quality reports that will help you manage your coaching licenses with a button click.

We trust that you will find Coach Tracker to be a valuable tool in making your coaching certification and license tracking easier than you ever thought possible!

Pro-Soft Solution's A.E.D. (Automated Electronic Defibrillator) Compliance Management System was specifically designed to assist schools in documenting their compliance with this new mandate. 

The program is extremely user friendly yet quite powerful.  Users are able to enter information about staff members certified to utilize the A.E.D. devices, including information about where they received their certification, who performed the training, when it was conducted, and when it expires.   The program also provides advance notice as to when staff will require re-certification - to keep districts in compliance with the law.

In addition to tracking staff certification, the program also enables users to track information regarding the A.E.D. units.  This data includes make, model, serial number, date of acquisition, and complete service history.  This information could be invaluable in helping a district to demonstrate its efforts in complying with the law.

The program is a cross-platform relational database - it will operate in either a Windows or Macintosh environment.  The program utilizes simple button click routines for out of the box simplicity - yet the ability to sort, find, and group data harnesses the full power and flexibility of a relational database.  This product was specifically designed to make this new task easy.

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New York State Wrestlers
Easy Compliance with NYS Minimum Weight Certification

Pro-Soft Solution's E-Z Pro NYS Minimum Weight Calculator was designed to automate the creation of the mandated "Individual Profile" certification form for all New York State School Wrestlers.

The program automatically performs all of the calculations and carries the decimal out eight places as required by law.

Save your wrestling for the mat!

Simply enter the data in the user friendly screen - radio buttons and pop-up-menu features make this a simple task.

Press a button to print the state approved profile form and its on the next one.  You can store all of the data and perform searches on all records.

(Sample Data Entry Screen)



(Sample Report)


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Save your wrestling for the mat!

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